At Innovation Hub Group we understand that every business is different, and thus must be treated as such. We tailor our solutions to suit your business. We pride ourselves on providing a stable connection from our wide variety of options such as our Fibre for business. Additionally, we manage all your installation needs whether it be installing LAN cables or setting up multiple routers.

So, what exactly is IT Infrastructure? Information Technology Infrastructure is a broad field that covers a wide variety of requirements. These requirements are hardware, software, networking and support.

The hardware side of things is as the name suggests, physical infrastructure such as local or on-site servers, data centres and network switches. Our experienced installation teams are certified and strive to provide a quick and professional service. Along with supplying physical network hardware we also supply complete desktop computers and any parts you may need. We also provide after sale support and diagnostics for desktops, to ensure you’re always up and running.

We provide officially licensed software to our clients such as Windows or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) packages. With our experience in the industry of implementing IT infrastructure in businesses we have a wealth of experience to draw from and are able to recommend software packages that suit your business need to maximising productivity and simplifying admin.

Our business model is to develop personal relationships with our clients and to understand your business’s needs. At Innovation Hub Group we strive to recommend solutions and implement infrastructure that will be beneficial to your business by increasing productivity.

To get a quote or speak to one of our sales representatives please visit our contact us page, give us a call on +27(0)11 246 1136 or chat to our agent on the live chat at the bottom right of your screen.